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Cheapest Ammo Is Here San Antonio!

Cheapest Ammo Is Here San Antonio!

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So I’m going to be providing a service to the fine locals of San Antonio.

Top Ammo Choices at the lowest prices ANYWHERE!!! That’s right... cheap cheap cheap ammo! Cheaper than you can find at ANY distributor.


You may be asking yourself,
“How can this random guy just magically have cheaper prices than any other distributor?”


Well, I have a Wholesale account so I get ammo at the “cost” manufacturers charge.

I have used it for personal use but I think it’s time to pass along the majority of the savings to many deserving individuals!
Shoot more, work less!!!




Here are a few examples of the savings.

See my other ad for “In-Stock” ammo

These are simply examples of the lowest prices I offer for *PREPAID ORDERS.*

Example 1.) 1,000 rnds Federal AE 5.56 62gr Green Tips - normally $300* = $285 OTD (out the door) after savings

Example 2.) 1,000 rnds steel cased TulAmmo/Wolf .223 55gr - normally $200* = $190 OTD after savings

Example 3.) 1,000 rnds Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr - normally $180* = $171.60 OTD after savings

* - the normal OTD price from my distributor without the wholesale discount applied


Clearly, you can see that the more expensive the ammo, the larger the savings will be. 

So HOW does this work???

You tell me what caliber ammunition you need or the exact brand and grain weight you’re looking for.
I find the item in my distributor’s stock and let you know what your savings would be along with the OTD price.
From there you choose whether or not you want to go with it.
If you do, we would start the electronic funds transfer process.
Once I receive the funds I’ll confirm the product and price with you to verify we have everything correct.
If it’s correct then we order away!
When the items comes in, we meet at one of the locations outlined below and you officially have you ammo along with the savings! 
Simple as that! 

I can also provide prices of other brands through my distributer if you were thinking about maybe getting higher-end ammo with the discount. I can even compare prices from other ammo sources so you can see what you’re saving over the competitors. 

I can’t “guarantee” that I’ll have the absolute lowest price on the market but I’m 99% sure I will. Most places will boast a lower price-per-round but then in the checkout process, drill you for $32 just in shipping!!! My distributor typically has the lowest OTD prices to begin with, so THAT coupled with my wholesale account - it’s almost impossible to beat my prices. 

-To make this very clear, your savings is 5% off across the board. My fee is 3% of the order total w/$6 minimum which is ALREADY factored into the examples given above. SO 5% OFF WHAT'S ALREADY USUALLY THE LOWEST PRICE TO BEGIN WITH. NOT BAD, RIGHT?!-



**Primarily offering this service for BULK AMMO. Not just 1 or 2 boxes. That being said, there are no shipping charges on my account for any size order. If you are willing to pay my minimum fee of $6, I will order smaller quantities for you.**

I will start ordering some cases of the more popular items to have on hand to provide true convenience (at a small $4 premium), while still offering the best prices around. Whether the savings are $5 or $30, people love to save money on items they buy anyway. I can give you that discount WITH convenience. 



  • Orders MUST BE PAID FIRST before they are placed. Due to the increasing amount of flakes on TGT, I WILL NOT be using my personal funds to place orders only to have the buyer back out and leave me with excessive amounts of ammo that I will then be responsible for selling. For nearly a decade I have been and remain a trustworthy and reliable member of the TGT Community. Never once have I struck a bad transaction. Also, only positive feedback will be found within my GunBroker account.
  • Fees associated with purchase orders: 3% of purchase total will be removed from 8% total discount that is provided through the wholesale account. $6 minimum fee assessed to order totals under $200. 
  • Repeat customers may be entitled to greater discounts.
  • The prices posted are NON-NEGOTIABLE. If a customer does not have enough money to make a purchase, the transaction will be canceled entirely. Change can be made on-site if the denomination of bills overshoots the price amount. 
  • Forms of payment accepted: Zelle, Venmo, ApplePay, and PayPal Friends and Family Transfer (if you insist on the PayPal Purchase Goods option, an additional 3% will be required to cover the purchase fee). Electronic fund transfers such as these, are preferred over cash due to the time they save from having to meet to receive the cash. Cash prepayment transactions will ONLY be accepted at the specific Valero/Circle K mentioned below.
  • Orders typically placed within 15 minutes to 1 hour upon receipt of funds. Shipping time is typically 5-7 days from the time the order is placed. Order confirmations will be provided along with a screenshot of your order. Sensitive information will be redacted. Shipping updates will be provided upon request, although tracking numbers will be withheld due to the personal information that is tied to them.
  • Refunds will not be issued AFTER an order has been placed. A refund may only be requested up until the order has been placed. If the funds are required after an order has been placed, it will be up to the buyer to use the ammunition, once it is received, to recuperate any required or necessary funds.
  • Orders will be picked up at the Academy on Gold Canyon near the 281N/1604 interchange (North Central San Antonio). Alternately, orders may also be picked up at the Valero/Circle K at the Thousand Oaks and Henderson Pass intersection, if this location proves more convenient for the buyer. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for these 2 locations, whatsoever.
  • If you are not making a purchase, I WILL NOTdivulge ANY information regarding my wholesale account. I will neither confirm nor deny any inquiries pertaining to said account.
  • Time wasters, tire kickers, info fishers, lowballers, and upset/vulgar individuals WILL NOT be tolerated. If they are encountered, messages will be ignored and numbers will be blocked.
  • Discounts provided are not rights, they are PRIVILEGES. Please respect this or they will be revoked. A few individuals can ruin it for everybody. 
  • “Federal Law does NOT require a license to sell, purchase, or possess ammunition.”    For the trolls...



  • Just like any business out there, I reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE for any reason. If I believe you are trying to order bulk ammo through me to haul to Mexico... I WILL NOT SELL to you. If I feel you intend to use the ammunition for unlawful reasons, I WILL NOT SELL to you. If you are a thug and cannot construct a complete sentence that isn’t riddled with grammatical errors, or refer to Ammo as “lead for your Gat,” I WILL NOT SELL to you. Other examples will be added as questionable individuals send them to me. So don’t be “that guy” that I make an example out of for everyone to see.

210-268-5131 (text is the easiest way to get a hold of me, as I’m usually at work for most hours.) 



Capitalism and the free market allow me to do whatever I please, so long as it’s legal. If you don’t like that I’m providing this service, even though it’s completely legal and moral as well as beneficial to YOU, tough tits. I’m an opportunistic and advantageous individual. Last I checked this was America, “The land of the free.” I apologize that you don’t agree with the ideals of the country in which you currently reside... run for office if you want to change it. 

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