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TexasGunTrader.com is the epicenter of online firearms activity in the state of Texas. If you are in the firearms business and you want Texans to know about your services and products, you've come to the right place. There is no more effective way to spend your advertising dollar than by starting a campaign with us.

The chart below illustrates the number of people that have visited TexasGunTrader.com last year as tracked by Google Analytics

How do I get started?

We accept three types of advertisements on TexasGunTrader.com -

468x60 Banners

125x125 cube ads

Text ads
Ads may contain 100 characters or less.

Important: You must have your ad ready before signing up for an advertising campaign on any of our sites. This is especially true with banner ad advertisements.

This basically give you three choices. You can (1) make an ad yourself or (2) hire one of the many businesses on google to make banner ad for you (this is surprisingly affordable and adds a professional touch for your site). If neither of these options work for you (3) we can create a simple banner ad for you with your logo and some simple text.

We would recommend that you have a graphic designer constuct your ad.


Your advertising account comes with a control panel that allows you to modify your ad and track statistics. This system allows you to easily track clicks and ad displays. You will also be able to modify your ad as often as you want at no additional cost.

Here is an example of our traffic counter:

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